Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pasta Recipe With Meat and Tomatoes

Pasta Recipe With Meat and Tomatoes, nice recipe specially if you love Pasta like me, because I love it, if you won't love this recipe, you won't hate it.

Pasta and Macaroni Recipes: Pasta Recipe With Meat and Tomatos

½ kg pasta Penne rigate
1 kg mutton meat
¼ kg tomatoes
200 grams butter
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
Meat stock cubes with 1 liter of water ( to make meat soup )
100 grams parmesan cheese
Some Flour
Salt and pepper

Cut meat into small cubes and Fry it in butter with onions and garlics until meat is brown, then sprinkle salt, pepper and flour and Stir well, then add meat soup Gradually and stir From time to time until water boiled.

Cut Parsley and peel Tomatoes then add to pot and add Sumac and let them on Low heat until the meat cooked and absorbs the soup.

Boil pasta Penne rigate in 2 litres of Salted boiling water, then put it in A plate then add the sauce we made it and the cheese.


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